P Can Tan

P Can Tan is the Radio and Television persona of Kyle Freeman. Kyle is a Talk Radio Show Host for WGIV 103.3 FM and 1370 AM in Charlotte, NC and is the host for the television show “Shop and More Shop” with P Can Tan. This television show runs on WJZY (the CW) and WMYT (My TV) in the greater Charlotte, NC area. Kyle has been in the radio and television industry for over 20 years and in character P Can Tan is lively, upbeat and somewhat comical by intent to connect with the listeners and audience.

Kyle retired from the United States Navy served as a Chief Petty Officer at the end of his 24 year career. In addition Kyle served as President and CEO of JMI Telecom Corp a publically traded company that he started in 2003. Kyle is an entrepreneur and also owns Two Boyz From Jersey, LLC a company the exists as both an umbrella and holding company for multiple ventures owned and operated by Kyle. If you have questions for Kyle please e-mail him at ShopandMoreShop@gmail.com or call 704-996-4390.


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