About Us

The Television Show “Shop and More Shop” with P Can Tan began airing on WJZY (the CW) and WMYT (My TV) within the greater Charlotte, NC demographic in November 2010. The show is hosted by Kyle Freeman whose TV and Radio persona is P Can Tan. The “Shop and More Shop” television show features local businesses and entrepreneurs who are interviewed by P Can Tan and who describe the products and/or services they offer within an “infomercial” type show. Generally 5 business are featured every show with 2 separate interviews for each business or entrepreneur to ensure maximum exposure.

The “Shop and More Shop” Television Show is designed to introduce businesses and entrepreneurs to their local demographic and to generate exposure that will stimulate interest and ultimately increase sales. “Shop and More Shop” is a production of Two Boyz From Jersey, LLC and will be expanding throughout North Carolina and South Carolina with our base of operations remaining in the greater Charlotte area. For information about our services and to learn more as to how your business can be featured on the “Shop and More Shop” television show contact Kyle Freeman at 704-996-4390 or by e-mail at ShopandMoreShop@gmail.com for a prompt reply.



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