Own a Shop and More Shop business today!

We are in the business of helping you create a profitable business through Shop and More Shop!

We offer a wide range of services to local businesses who need exposure! A Shop and More Shop licensing agreement will give you the knowledge, training and support you need to offer turnkey live video and animated video production through informercials, commercials and voice over radio spots that get results for your customers! Here is what you will be offering as a licensing agent for Shop and More Shop;

See our Videos page to see the types of videos we offer those who choose not to use our live on-site video production and you will see that what we offer is second to none in the industry! Helping businesses succeed can turn into huge profits for you! For more information contact me anytime and the best number is 858-405-3158!


About shopandmoreshop

Host of the Sports Talk Radio Show on WGIV in Charlotte, NC and owner of Two Boyz from Jersey, LLC and the Shop and More Shop Television Show.
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